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Top Markets In U.S. For Investing in Real Estate

Investing in real estate can be a risky business, however, if you have the right plan in place, you can also strike it big. It’s key to pay attention to the trends and using those numbers to make projections about the future health of various real estate markets. This includes
looking at stats such as unemployment rate, population
growth, and housing price growth forecasts.
According to Local Market Monitor, a data company
based in North Carolina, Florida is one of the top
markets for investment opportunities. Florida cities
include Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Cape Coral, North Port,
Jacksonville, Tampa and West Palm Beach.

Other markets include:

Texas: a robust market and high livability.

Texas was the state with the second greatest number of
flourishing real estate investment cities: San Antonio at number three,
Dallas at number six, and Austin at number seven. Thanks to the state's
strong energy sector, real estate damage caused by the 2008 recession was relatively mild, and the local housing market remained one of the strongest in the country. Year over year job growth is strong in all three of these cities, and population growth rates are high and rising (9% in Austin, 6.2% in Dallas, and 6.1% in San Antonio).

The Carolinas: affordable investments and a growing market.

Several cities throughout North and South Carolina were included among the best real estate markets, including Charlotte, Charleston, and Columbia. The Charlotte-Gastonia-Concord metropolitan area has an average home price of $220,758, a 22% three-year home price growth forecast, 5.5% population growth, and 3.6% job growth. Realtor.com confirmed the investment prospects of this region, and also added Charleston and Colombia in South Carolina as both ideal places to invest in and to move to.

This combination of overall growth and affordable housing makes the Carolinas an important market to keep an eye on.

Michigan: low prices with high ROI.

Also, based on the findings from Local Market Monitor's analysis, the number one U.S. city for investing in real estate is Grand Rapids, Michigan. Surprised? According to Realtor.com, Grand Rapids is one of the most affordable cities in the nation in terms of living expenses and housing costs, making it an attractive and growing market. Additionally, the city's job growth is 14th in the nation. As a result, Grand Rapids flaunts an impressive 3.1% population growth rate. The three-year home price growth forecast is 22%, with a current average home cost of just $154,348.

Similarly, Detroit is slowly but surely climbing the ladder of investment potential, and currently has a solid 16.2% ROI for real estate investors. Housing is extremely cheap but expected to rise soon, making it an extremely hot market for savvy investors.

Source: Local Market Monitor and RealtyTimes

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